Terms of use


1. Scope

1.1 For use of the services operated by Dry-Tech. UG (haftungsbeschränkt) i.Gr. (hereinafter referred to as operator) the following general terms and conditions shall apply. Conflicting terms and conditions of users shall not apply, unless the operator agrees in writing.

1.2 The operator reserves the right to change the terms of use.

1.3 In case of change, the operator notifies the registered users by e-mail, and indicates that the changes are accepted, if the user does not contradict within four weeks after the notification.

1.4 Such a contradiction to the terms of use leads to a dissolution of the user relationship.

2. Extended Terms of Use

2.1. Individual functions and services are subject to extended terms of use, which in the respective case apply in addition to the terms of use stated in this document:
»Terms of Use - Hosting a gardon
»Terms of Use - Obtaining and hosting a gardon spot

3. General Usage

3.1 The operator (also referred to as gardon.me below) offers every visitor to this website the possibility, to view the content generated by gardon.me, or user-generated content, in a normal manner.

3.2 There is no claim to availability or fault-freeness of the offered information and services, and the offer can be customized at any time by gardon.me.

3.3 Every user of this offer is committed to the applicable law and customary rules of conduct, and in particular to not create any content which violates the rights of third parties (name rights, personality rights, trademark rights, copyrights, Etc.), a criminal offense, or illegal, radical, harmful to business, or unsuitable for minors or offensive, or can be held for it. By setting content, the user declares that he holds the necessary rights to the content provided.

3.5 If the possibility to specify so - called hyperlinks (hereafter "links") is given, the Users, the links set by him on illegal, offensive, racist, youthful, slanderous, threatening, radical political or pornographic content and to delete links with such content.

3.6 The publication of content by users does not constitute the publication of this content by the provider. The provider reserves the right to delete content, exclude users from participation, and to claim damages.

3.7 The user transfers to the provider a non-commu- nable, unlimited, comprehensive right of use, to all content, works or parts of the work, which the user transmits to the operator. This right of use covers only those uses which are attributable to the business of the operator, ie the operation of the offer.

3.8 The user allows the provider to operate anonymised analyzes.

3.9 It is not permitted to call the offer automated or otherwise unusual, or in general, a reduced integrity of the service by its own actions. Automated interfaces and functions are identified by gardon.me as such and are subject to the respective terms of use.

4. Registration

4.1 The use of individual functions and services may require registration as a user. For this purpose, the data requested in the registration form must be transmitted, and for the duration of the registration on the current one To keep up.

4.2 There is no right to registration. The operator is entitled to register without stating of reasons to refuse.

4.3 By registering, the user selects an individual password. In the justified assumption, that a third party is aware of the password, the user is obliged to promptly change the password and to notify the provider by e-mail or contact form.

4.4 Any user can delete their registration at any time. With the deletion of the Registration, the use of the offers subject to registration is void.

4.5 The provider is entitled to delete an existing registry without giving reasons, and will do so especially if the user violates the conditions of use.

4.6 Enforced rights by the user do not expire with termination of membership.

4.7 The provisions of point 3 apply. General use.

5. Liability

5.1 The operator is only liable in cases in which he himself, a statutory representative or a vicarious agent or gross negligence Load falls. The above does not apply, as far as for damages from the injury of life, the Body or health, as well as in the event of injury Contractual obligations. Except in case of intent, gross negligence and damages from the Injury to the life of the body or health is the liability of the amount to the typically foreseeable damage.

5.2 The user shall be liable in principle for all activities carried out using his / her And shall release the Provider from all claims, the other users or other third parties against the provider. The user carries the costs incurred for the necessary legal defense of the supplier, including of all legal and legal costs. The user is obligated to the provider in the event of a claim by third parties, to provide, without undue delay, truthfully and completely all information, which are necessary for the examination of the claims and a defense.

5.3 The operator has no influence on the content of external links; for this purpose exclusively their suppliers. The operator expressly distances himself from all contents of external links and accepts no liability for their content.

5.4 The user is liable for the fact that the data transmitted by him is free from viruses and damage. The provider reserves the right, To claim damages for damages against the user.

6. Warranty

6.1 The operator assumes no warranty for technical defects, in particular for the permanent and uninterrupted availability of the content and services or for the full and error-free playback of user-provided content.

7. Privacy

7.1 The user is informed of the processing and use of data (see data protection).

7.2 The user himself is obliged to comply with the applicable data protection regulations and, in particular, by the offer of known data for advertising, unsolicited e-mail, or other undesirable Contact recordings or other unauthorized purposes.

8. Final provisions

8.1 The contract language is German.

8.2 On contracts between the offerer and the user the right of the Federal Republic of Germany applies. This choice is only valid for consumers, as far as the by mandatory provisions of the law of the State of habitual residence of the consumer is not withdrawn from the user.

8.3 If the user is a merchant, a legal person of the public law or a special fund under public law For all disputes arising from contractual relations between the user and the supplier's place of business. This also applies if the customer does not general jurisdiction in Germany or the EU, or his domicile or his place of residence ordinary residence is not known at the time the action is brought.